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Calendar availability when scheduling interviews with Microsoft Outlook
Calendar availability when scheduling interviews with Microsoft Outlook
Updated over a week ago

Gone are the days of manually checking colleagues' calendars for availability. PeopleForce have transformed the process of scheduling interviews, allowing you to select participants while the system automatically identifies suitable time slots that work for everyone.

⚠️ For your information, this feature is only available for companies that have installed Microsoft Outlook integration at the company level. You will need to reinstall the integration to get new accesses.

Scheduling interviews with Microsoft Teams

  1. To schedule an interview with Microsoft teams, open a job candidate. In the Interviews tab select the method.

2. Choose the interviewers, including yourself if you'll be participating. Determine the interview's length, usually ranging from 30 minutes to an hour. Ensure the candidate is invited by ticking the appropriate box and verifying their email address in the candidate card.

3. Let the system analyze the interviewers' schedules to find available time slots. Select a suitable time slot that accommodates everyone's availability. Click "Save" to confirm the interview. The system will then send out calendar invites to all participants, including the candidate.

4. All the Interviewers will see the scheduled interview in the ''Me'' section >'' Interviews'' tab. Join the interview at the scheduled time using the "Join" button provided.

⚠️ The integration works in one direction. If you make changes to a meeting in Microsoft Outlook calendar, those updates won't reflect in PeopleForce. However, if you make changes to events in PeopleForce, they will be updated in the Microsoft Outlook calendar within a minute.

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