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Feedback. General overview
Feedback. General overview

This article provides a general overview of Feedback feature

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Frequent and meaningful feedback is crucial for companies to build a culture where employees can grow. That's why our latest update focuses on regular feedback as a key part of progressive personal and professional team development.

Regular feedback

Feedback is essential for companies in the era of remote work, relocation, and heavy workloads. It helps employees receive necessary support and validation from their employer while serving as a tool for the company to maintain constant communication with the team members and prevent burnout.

According to research by PWC in partnership with Gallup, 60% of employees said they wanted daily or weekly feedback. This increased to 70% for those under 30. Overall, 65% of employees want more feedback than they currently get.

Managers and HRs must understand that a one-time feedback session once a year during performance reviews is ineffective. Continuous constructive feedback is necessary to help develop a corporate culture of growth and development. Here’s where PeopleForce comes into play.

We present a regular feedback feature to help build a feedback-oriented organization and shift the team from simply giving feedback to actively seeking it. This boosts their engagement and interest in their professional growth.

What does the regular feedback offer your team?

It aims to simplify feedback management and efficiency by centralizing all feedback in one place, making it easy to give, receive, and navigate.

Benefits for you as an employee:

  • To gain insights into your performance, request feedback from colleagues, managers, or peers whenever needed, such as after completing a project or task. This helps you understand what went well and what can be improved next time.

  • Give feedback to a peer or manager anytime regarding projects or tasks to convey your valid experience.

Benefits for you as a manager:

  • Get a comprehensive view of your team members' performance by requesting feedback from peers about your subordinates.

  • Use the feedback available to you in your daily work. For instance, prepare for productive 1:1 meetings, especially during key periods like probation. Having all feedback in one place ensures you are well-informed about each team member.

Benefits for admin or HR:

  • Manage and oversee team feedback processes.

  • Gradually introduce and nurture a healthy company feedback culture, ensuring continuous improvement and employee engagement.

How does it work?

Please note! Feedback is private to avoid personal issues and discussions and prevent potential team conflicts.

You can request or give feedback through the Quick Add button on the main dashboard or via the "Me" tab in the "Feedback" section.

If the appropriate visibility status is set, all feedback about you or your direct subordinates will be available in the "Feedback" section under the "Me" tab. HR or admin can also view all feedback about everyone in the Performance tab.

Your team can exchange feedback daily if needed; we do not limit this process. However, you should pay attention to some points we outline below to properly train your team in the culture of giving feedback.

How do I request feedback?

  1. You can request feedback from only one participant at a time; this can be anyone from the team.

  2. You can request feedback about yourself, your direct subordinate or any other person in the company.

  3. You can set the visibility of the feedback either for you or also for your direct manager.

  4. The team member from whom feedback is requested will receive a notification and an email.

How do I give feedback?

  • You can give feedback if your colleague has requested you to or give it voluntarily. This can be for only one person at a time.

  • Similarly, you can set the visibility of the feedback—whether it will be visible only to the person about whom this feedback is or to their manager as well.

  • If feedback has been requested from you, you will receive a notification and an email to do so.

Please note!

We are adding a new permission that will allow giving/requesting feedback. This is essential to avoid spam feedback. We recommend conducting training with your teams on the topic of feedback to ensure that this process remains constructive and relevant.

We are releasing this feature step-by-step. If it has not yet appeared in your account but you would like to try it out, please contact your customer success manager.

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