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How to create a probation period and assign it to an employee?
How to create a probation period and assign it to an employee?

Learn how to add a probation policy and assign the created policy to employees

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Probation policy is a policy that is used to track the length of an employee's adaptation period.

How to create a probation policy

To create a probation policy, we need to go to Settings > PeopleHr > Probation Policies. In the right corner, click the "Add" button. Fill in the Name field appropriately and specify the duration (in months). Done!

Assigning a probation period policy from an employee card

To assign a probation period policy to an employee, open the desired employee's profile and go to Job > Employment status > Add. In the new window, specify from which date this entry will be valid and the type of employment of the employee.

Important! The record cannot be saved without filling in the Employment type field. If you do not have an employee's employment type, you need to add it. To do that go to Settings > Core section > Employment type. Click in the upper right corner "Add", give the employment a name and save the record.

Next, select the probation policy you created from the list. Once saved, the probation end date will automatically appear below the employee's image.

Changing the end date of the probation period

If you want to extend or shorten the probationary period, you can use a separate field in the employee card. On the same page in the "Job" section, you can edit the date yourself. After selecting a specific date and saving it, the changes will also be displayed below the employee's photo.

How to track all employees who are on probation?

To make it easier to keep track of the number of employees who are on probation, you should go to "Directory" > "On probation" widget. This section will display the entire list of employees who are on probation.

Afraid of missing the end of your employees' probationary period? Set up an additional notification about it! Information on setting up notifications can be found here.

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