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Update 1.8. Announcement reactions, mentions and new metrics in 1-on-1 report
Update 1.8. Announcement reactions, mentions and new metrics in 1-on-1 report
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Version 1.8
Release date: 07/10/2021

You can learn more about new features in our article

New feature: Announcements reactions! Users now can choose from a variety of emojis to show support, love and agreement! Button is located on the bottom right corner of every announcement and users are free to leave multiple reactions.

Added mentions to employee notes and announcements. Mentioned users will receive web and email notifications if they have access to this page.

Improved integration with PeopleForce Prospector. With the recent update it can save more new data about candidates. To display this better in the system Experience and Education in candidate profiles were updated. Now users can quickly see total experience, last position in widgets in Experience tab. Improved layout for better readability: added dividers, experience, formatting to Experience and Education tabs.

Added 1-on-1 events to Google Calendar integration. If an employee who schedules 1-on-1 has integrated with Google Calendar in their profile then the event will be automatically added to the calendar and an invite sent to another participant.

Google integration was split into two independent integrations:
1) Login SSO integration, that is available only from the login page.
2) Calendar integration, that can be found in Account settings.
This provides users with better security as only the needed permissions scope will be used.

Updated 1-on-1 report to have additional metrics: widgets with total number of open and completed talking points, action items. Also added
Added ability to share custom reports with employees in your organization. You can select employees based on role, department, division, position etc.

Added feature that allows users to share custom reports. Users will receive email and system notification about a new report available to them. Shared reports can be found in the Custom reports page. Users to whom the report is shared will see all the data in it, will be able to export, but won’t have the option to edit the report.

Added options to change basic fields on vacancy application form on the career site. Fields options can be changed on every vacancy and there following options: Required, optional, hidden against email, phone number, cover letter and resume file fields. Full name is always required.

Split employee phone number fields to be work and phone number in permissions and employee fields settings. Users now can set up permission per needed field or disable one if it’s not in use.

Updated offer templates to have a drop-down with placeholders that can be chosen from the editor instead of typing them manually. Old placeholders that were typed manually will still be supported.

Added preview of offer email to Send offer popup on candidate’s profile. Now it shows offer email preview along with offer letter preview.

Changed sorting button for candidates database and advanced employee directory search. Button is split to separately select sorting parameter from a drop-down and clicking the button changes sorting order - ascending or descending.

Updated Hiring plan list to show number of people hired and number of opened positions.

Added permission to Create new vacancies.

Added permission to export recruiting data, such as candidates database or vacancies, depending if the user has access to this page.

Made the applicant name clickable on the Interview page. It will open a candidate card if the user has permission to view candidates or collaborates on a vacancy that this candidate has applied to.

Extended filters in Schedule to have Teams filter.

Removed current user from selected by default in Vacancies filter.

Changed logic to automatically disable self-service of terminated employees and show an error when a terminated employee tries to log into the system.

Added possibility to have multiple questions with average ratings for competencies.

Small design improvements of all reports, offer templates pages.

Updated design of navigation bars to use pill style.

Fixed: Telegram bot users could use bot after being terminated
Fixed: User was not redirected to a requested page if not logged in when using SAML authentication
Fixed: Custom field report was not showing file name in export
Fixed: Link in the email about scheduled 1-on-1 would show user 403 instead of the 1-on-1 page.
Fixed: Notification about vacancy change was not showing correct status if status was changed again.
Fixed: Newly added users couldn’t be found in the directory.
Fixed: Default interviewers were not displayed when an interview is scheduled

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