Creating candidate interviews

Find out how to create an interview with a candidate via PeopleForce

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To create an interview with a candidate through PeopleForce, you need to go to the Recruiting tab and open the database of candidates or vacancies. Go to the card of the desired candidate and open the Interview section and click on the "Schedule interview" button.

Next, to create an interview, you need:

  1. Select a vacancy;

  2. Indicate the interview method;

  3. Location (it can be an address or a link where you can connect with a candidate online);

  4. Choose the date and time of the interview;

  5. Specify the duration;

  6. Interviewers, these are the employees who will attend the interview (if you are creating an interview, and you are also a participant in it, don't forget to add yourself here);

  7. Invite Candidate - check if you want to send an invitation letter to the candidate for this interview. Leave empty if the event only needs to be added to the recruiters' calendar, and the candidate will be invited by another method.

  8. Request scorecard - adds a link to the candidate's scorecard to the interview email;

  9. Choose the email template for the interview.

The system has an integration option with Zoom (by selecting a Zoom meeting location), for scheduling interviews and direct synchronisation of meetings. You can view the instruction for the integration by clicking here.

An example of a letter that a recruiter receives for an interview:

An example of a letter the candidate receives:

Managing scheduled interviews

Once you create an interview with a candidate, all participants involved will have the details displayed in their personal calendars. It's important to note that these events will not be visible in the company calendar. To access the information about scheduled interviews, navigate to the ''My Activities'' section and click on the 'Interviews' tab. Here, you'll find a comprehensive list of both upcoming and completed interviews."

Tracking hiring productivity of recruiters

To track the productivity of recruiters and hiring success in the company, utilize the "Recruiter activities" report available in the Reports tab. In the Recruit section, access this report to view statistics on all recruiters and their interactions with candidates in the system, including the number of interviews conducted.

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