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Learn how to assign the policy to an employee

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There are three ways to assign the leave policy to the employees in the system:

Bulk assignment of leave policy:

Here are the steps to perform bulk assignments of leave policies with clarity:

1. Find and click the "Bulk operations" button on the panel that lists all the created leave types.

2. To select the employees you want to assign to a particular leave policy, you have two options:

- Use the double arrow button to select all employees.

- Use the single arrow button to individually pick specific employees by clicking on their names.

3. After selecting the employees, choose the desired Leave type and the Leave policy you have previously set up. This action will generate a comprehensive list of employees. Scroll through this list and confirm your selections. You can apply assignments for other types of absences using the same method.

Manual assignment of a leave policy to an employee:

1. To individually assign a leave policy to a specific employee, navigate to the employee's profile.

2. Click on the three dots icon to access a drop-down menu and select "Assign Leave Policy."

3. In the pop-up window that appears, choose the Leave Type and the Leave policy you want to assign to the employee.

​Assign the leave policy through the New hire form

When creating a New Hire Form, you'll have the option to include a leave policy. Once the employee is added to the system, the chosen policy will be automatically assigned to that employee. More about creating New hire form read here.

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