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Time to disqualify report
Time to disqualify report
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Time to disqualify is a report that provides information about the shortest, longest, and average time it takes to disqualify candidates.

The report contains information on the number of applications for all vacancies, the number of disqualified candidates, and the average number of days to disqualification.

Analyzing the results of the report

To gain insight into your hiring process, refer to the table below, which displays the following information:

  • The total number of candidates for each vacancy;

  • The number of disqualified candidates for each position;

  • Minimum and maximum disqualification time;

  • Average disqualification time for each vacancy.

Generate detailed reports by job, position, division, department, location, and reason for disqualify

Generate detailed reports based on various parameters such as vacancies, positions, divisions, departments, locations, or disqualify reasons. Simply select the desired parameter and the report will provide a comprehensive overview of the relevant data.

For example, if you select Divisions, the report will provide information about the number of created candidates and rejected candidates for each division in your organization.

All reports on the time to disqualify a candidate can be exported to XLSX or CSV format by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner.

Setting up access rights to the ''Time to disqualify'' report in PeopleForce

In PeopleForce, you can customize access rights to the ''Time to disqualify'' report. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the ''Roles and Permissions'' section in the settings.

  2. Select the role you want to customize and click ''Edit''.

  3. In the role editing window, scroll down to the ''Reports'' section.

  4. Select "Time to disqualify" in the "Company reports" field.

  5. Save the settings.

After saving the settings, users with the corresponding role will have access to the ''Time to disqualify'' report.

📌 Please, note that you must have the appropriate administrator rights to be able to configure access rights.

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