Gender profile report

Report on the gender diverisification of your company

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A ''Gender profile'' report provides a comprehensive overview of gender-related data within a company.

Get started with filters

The "Gender profile" report contains various filters that allow you to customize the search by position, department, division, location, and type of employment. To use the filters, click on the appropriate menu item and select the desired options. After that, the report will show information only about those employees who match the selected parameters.

Analysis of gender distribution among employees

The pie chart provides a graphical overview of the company's gender composition and allows you to quickly assess the relative number of men and women among employees.

In addition, the report contains detailed information about each employee, including their gender, position, department, division, and location.

If necessary, the report can be conveniently exported to XLSX or CSV format using the button in the upper right corner of the report.

Setting up access rights to the "Gender profile" report

In PeopleForce, you can customize the access rights to the "Gender profile" report. Follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the "Roles and Permissions" section in the settings.

  • Select the role you want to customize and click Edit.

  • In the role edit window, scroll down to the Reports section.

  • Select "Gender profile" in the Company reports field.

  • Save the settings.

After saving the settings, users with the corresponding role will have access to the "Gender profile"report.

Please note that you must have the appropriate administrator rights to be able to configure access rights.

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