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A comprehensive guide to employee change requests for managers
A comprehensive guide to employee change requests for managers
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In the dynamic realm of HR management, the Employee change request form stands out as a pivotal tool, providing managers the ability to initiate essential modifications within their teams. This streamlined process is designed to address the common challenge of restricted access to certain profile sections, such as salary adjustments and emergency contacts, ensuring a more efficient and transparent workflow.

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Why is this important?

Consider the scenario where both you and your employees desire to make profile adjustments independently. However, the obstacle lies in the limited access rights to specific sections, often necessitating involvement from system administrators. This traditional approach tends to introduce delays and lacks the transparency crucial for an agile work environment.

What managers can request:

The employee change request form empowers managers to request changes in three vital aspects of employee profiles:

1. Personal Information:

- Utilize this section when additional information needs inclusion, either due to restricted employee input capabilities or when third-party approval is required.

2. Salary update:

- Submit a request to update an employee's salary profile. This is particularly useful when, after a thorough assessment and discussion, a new salary level is agreed upon, yet lacks immediate approval authority.

3. Additional compensation update:

- This section allows managers to request approval for additional compensation, covering employee benefits and more. This ensures that relevant company authorities are involved in the decision-making process.

Let's delve into the details.

How to initiate the changes in the employee profile

When you're ready to enact changes in an employee's profile, follow these simple steps to initiate profile modifications:

  1. Access the left menu and select "Directory" to view a list of employees.

  2. Choose the specific employee for whom you want to implement profile changes. Click on their name to enter their profile.

  3. From the "Actions" dropdown menu within the employee's profile, choose "Request information change."

  4. A popup window will appear, presenting you with various forms related to specific changes. Select the form that corresponds to the changes you intend to activate.

  5. Complete the fields in the form with the updated information. Once done, click "Next" to proceed to the next step.

  6. Review the changes you've made for accuracy. If everything looks good, click "Request changes" to submit the form. If any adjustments are needed, you can still make corrections using the "Cancel" button.

Monitoring requests and approvals

Whenever you submit a new request or someone sends a request that requires your approval, it will be reflected in the ''Me ➝ Forms'' menu.

  • In "Requiring my approval," find details about requests awaiting your approval. Evaluate details and decide using the "Approve" or "Reject'' button.

  • Track submitted requests in the "Submitted by me" tab.

Request notification

  • Every requester receives notifications in the system or via email.

  • Click the notification for details, including approver information.

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