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Manage feedback on the company level
Manage feedback on the company level

This guide explains how administrators can manage all given and requested feedback on a company level

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To support HR and managers in building a feedback-oriented organization, PeopleForce has introduced the Feedback feature. This guide provides administrators with detailed instructions on how to manage and utilize the Feedback feature effectively.

Administrators or HR managers have the ability to oversee all company feedback.

Accessing company Feedback

All company feedback, both given and requested, will be visible to HRs (admins) in the Performance -> Feedback section.

  • All given feedback: Displayed under the All tab.

  • Pending feedback requests: Displayed under the Pending requests tab.

Giving or requesting Feedback

Administrators or employees with permission to manage feedback can give or request feedback from the Performance -> Feedback tab.

To give or request feedback:

  1. Go to Performance -> Feedback tab.

  2. Click on the +New feedback button.

  3. Fill out the necessary details.

  4. Submit the feedback request.

Managing access rights to Feedback

In the Roles & Permissions section, under Edit role/New role → Company → Perform, there’s a new Feedback section with a checkbox labeled Give and request feedback.

How this selection affects users:

Users with access to Give and request feedback permission:

  • Can give, receive, and request feedback.

  • Receive email notifications related to feedback.

  • Have access to the quick action + New feedback button.

  • Have access to the + New feedback button in the Me section.

  • Have the My requests tab.

Users without access:

  • Can not request feedback.

  • Can still receive feedback about themselves and feedback requests.

  • Can respond to feedback requests.

  • Appear in the list of available users for giving/requesting feedback.

  • Can see the Feedback feature in the Me section.

  • Do not have access to the quick action + New feedback button.

  • Do not have access to the + New feedback button in the Me section.

  • Do not have the My requests tab.

Permission Manage feedback give the access to:

  • See Feedback section in Performance tab.

  • See all feedback shared and requested across the company.

  • Delete feedback and feedback requests.

Deleting Feedback

Administrators and employees with access rights to manage feedback can delete feedback and feedback requests.

To delete feedback:

  1. Navigate to Performance -> Feedback.

  2. Choose the feedback you wish to delete.

  3. Click on the three dots (options menu) next to the feedback.

  4. Click Delete to remove the feedback.

Additional resources

For a guide on how to give or request a Feedback as an employee, see Feedback. Guide for employees.

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