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Manage projects time tracking
Manage projects time tracking

This guide explains how to manage projects across the company

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Track time against employees' key work activities for insightful analytics and reporting. You can now gain valuable insights into time allocation by setting up major workday activities as projects, such as coding, code review, testing, and remote/office work, or your own team’s projects.

As an administrator, you have several key functions:

  • Access Attendance tab: Track all time tracked on projects at the company level and navigate to individual employee tabs for detailed views of their working hours and overtime.

  • Manage projects: Create new projects and assign employees to them.

  • Utilize filters: Use filters in the Attendance tab to monitor projects time tracking by position, department, division, and more.

  • Export reports: Export projects time tracking reports in .xlsx or .csv format for further analysis and record-keeping.

  • Nudge employees: Remind employees to submit their timesheets promptly.

  • Manage permissions: Grant access to manage attendance tracking to other employees, such as managers, through the Roles and Permissions settings.

Centralized attendance tracking

All time tracked at the company level is now conveniently displayed in one centralized location on the Attendance page. This makes it easier than ever to monitor and manage the working hours of all employees in your organization. Here, you can view the total number of working hours allocated to projects and other tasks, as reflected in the submitted timesheets.

Effortlessly manage projects

To begin managing projects, head to the Attendance tab and click on the Manage projects button.

From there, you can create new projects, review existing ones, or make edits. To create a new project, simply click on the New project button and provide a name along with selecting an emoji.

Within the project management interface, you can effortlessly add employees to projects and keep track of the total hours they've worked on each project for the current or previous month. The average hours per employee will also be conveniently displayed in the Average per employee widget.

To remove an employee from a project, select the employee from the list. Click on the three dots icon and than Remove button.

Filter the data

Use the filters to find information about employees in on a specific project, departments, divisions, locations, etc. This functionality allows you to quickly and efficiently retrieve relevant data based on your criteria.

Nudge employees

From the attendance tab you can directly nudge employees who still need to submit their timesheets, ensuring timely and accurate record-keeping. To do this just click on the nudge icon and a friendly reminder will be send to an employee.

💡All employees who are nudged will receive a notification reminding them to submit their timesheet.

Export of the data

The data export feature enables you to export the worked hours by every employee within the project, which is crucial for accurate payroll calculations and employee compensation. To export the data, simply click on the three dots icon and select your desired format. Once the export is ready, a notification will appear in the Notifications bar, allowing you to download the file to your computer.

Export specific employee data

If you need data on a specific employee, you can use filters to find the employee, then click on the three dots icon and choose the export format you need. This allows you to easily generate customized reports about individual employees in the format that suits your needs.

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