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Manage a company survey

Learn how to manage your company surveys

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In Company surveys, you can access surveys, view results, and monitor details such as remaining time, completion status, and upcoming reminder schedules all in one place.

How to open a company survey

1. Navigate to Surveys from the left menu.

2. Select the survey you wish to open.

Surveys are categorized into three tabs:

  • Drafting or Running: Includes surveys in draft or running status. From the three dots menu, you can edit, copy, preview, or archive.

  • Finished: Displays all completed surveys. From the three dots menu, options include edit, copy, preview, or archive.

  • Archived: Lists all archived surveys. From the three dots menu, you can edit, copy, preview, restore, or delete.

How to review survey participants

Admins, and those who have permission to create new surveys and manage all company surveys, can view invitation statistics and invited participants.

  1. From the left menu, select Surveys > Company surveys.

  2. From the Participants tab, you can view the following:

    1. Response rate percentage

    2. Number of responses comparatively to all participants

    3. Number of comments.

  3. All participants who received the invitation will have the status Delivered. Once they complete the survey, the status changes to Finished.

  4. To remove a participant, select one participant, then from the tree dots menu, select Delete, then click Delete.

  5. To export all participants who were sent the invitation along with their status to an Excel file, select the export option. This is useful if you need a list of all participants.

Nudge employees

After launching the survey, responses will be updated in real-time, meaning you can observe the survey results as they come in. Real-time result updates also help you monitor the survey process and promptly reach out to participants who haven't completed the questionnaire, sending them reminders in the Participants tab.

  • You can nudge all participants at once by clicking the three dots icon and selecting Nudge All.

  • To nudge an individual participant, select the participant, click the three dots icon in their row, and choose Nudge.

How to export the results

To export all responses to the questions from each participant, click the export button in the Overview tab. If you need responses filtered by a specific department, apply the department filter before exporting to obtain results exclusively from that department.

How to export comments

You also have the option to export all comments in CSV format for further analysis or reporting purposes.

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