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Manage all company vacancies

Learn how to manage company vacancies on the company level

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With Recruit, you can effortlessly create and post vacancies on job portals, review candidates in a centralized database, and engage HR managers and employees in the hiring process. Let’s dive into the key features and benefits:

Centralized vacancy management

All vacancies across the company are efficiently stored in one place—the Vacancy tab. Here, you can manage vacancies according to their status, ensuring a smooth and organized hiring process:

  • Draft: Can be edited, copied, or archived.

  • In review: Can be edited, copied, or archived.

  • On hold: Can be edited, copied, or archived.

  • Cancelled: Can be edited, copied, or archived.

  • Open: Can be previewed, edited, copied, or deleted.

  • Closed: Can be edited, copied, or archived.

  • Archived: Can be edited, copied, restored, or deleted.

Filter data

You can apply a wide range of filters to find specific vacancies based on various criteria:

  • Status: Filter vacancies by their current status (e.g., open, closed, pending).

  • Position: Search for vacancies by job title or position.

  • Department: Narrow down vacancies by department.

  • Priority: Find vacancies based on their assigned priority level.

  • Location: Narrow down vacancies by location, etc.

Vacancies display information about vacancy name, status, location, department, qualified candidates count, assigned tags, responsible hiring person, and the vacancy's open duration.

Export vacancy data

You can export all vacancy data in Excel and CSV formats by clicking the three dots icon. The file will contain the list of all vacancies in the system with information about vacancy priority, tags, employment status, position, division, hiring lead, etc.

🪄Tip: Use the filter to export vacancy information by department, division, etc. For example, you can export data specifically for vacancies in the Marketing department.

Adding a new vacancy

Click Add vacancy and proceed through the following steps:

  1. Details: Set status, priority, criteria, salary range, tags, skills, and custom fields.

  2. Vacancy description: Provide detailed information about the vacancy.

  3. Pipeline: Select the previously created funnel for the vacancy.

  4. Application: Select fields that candidate needs to fill in when they apply from career site.

  5. Collaborators: Assign roles, including the person responsible for hiring, team members, and default interviewers.

    • Hiring lead - recruiter responsible for the vacancy;

    • Team members - additional recruiters and managers that might participate in hiring or decision-making.

    • Default interviewers - users that will be automatically added to interviews when scheduling. Interviewers don't have access to the vacancy, but only to candidate's full name, photo and resume.

Manage vacancy hiring board

To view the details of a specific vacancy, simply click on the desired vacancy. The vacancy hiring board will consist of the following tabs:

Pipeline tab

The Pipeline tab allows you to see all vacancy stages and the candidates linked to the vacancy itself. When you open the vacancy hiring board, all new candidates that you haven't viewed before will be highlighted with a yellow border and marked with the status "New". This makes it easy to differentiate between candidates you have already seen and new ones that have just appeared on this board.

Offers tab

In the Offers tab, you can find all offers sent to candidates for the selected position. This tab helps you keep track of the status and details of offers made.

Discussions tab

The Discussions tab allows you to leave comments related to a vacancy or a particular candidate. Important information shared in the comments can be seen by members of your recruiting team, facilitating better communication and collaboration.

Documents tab

The Documents tab is useful for storing a variety of documents related to the vacancy. These documents can be uploaded by you or your colleagues, and they are accessible from one place for those who work on this vacancy.

Promotion Tab

The Promotion tab provides tools to integrate vacancies with job sites. This feature is very useful as it saves a lot of time when managing multiple vacancies.

Reports tab

The Reports tab provides information on vacancies, including average evaluation scores of candidates, recruitment funnel details, salary information, and more. This tab is essential for analyzing and understanding recruitment performance.

Activity tab

The Activity tab provides information about all the actions taken in relation to the given vacancy. This includes a detailed log of all activities, helping you track the progress and history of the vacancy.

You can easily move candidates between Pipeline columns by dragging and dropping them.

Note: Every candidate can have a specified hiring deadline at each stage in the Pipeline. These deadlines can be set up in Settings -> Pipelines and are optional. If a candidate remains at a specific stage longer than the allowed time, they will be marked as overdue.

While you are in the vacancy hiring board, you can:

  1. Preview your vacancy description on your career site.

  2. Edit the vacancy details.

  3. Add candidates or upload CVs.

Add candidate to the vacancy

In the vacancy hiring board, administrators/recruiters can add candidates to a vacancy in several different ways:

1. Upload CV:

- Click the "Add candidate" button and choose to upload a CV from your computer.

- The system automatically extracts relevant information from the CV, including references, name, contact details, skills, gender, birth year, and desired salary.

2. Manual addition:

- Manually add a candidate if they have directly contacted you.

3. Add existing candidate:

- Add one of the candidates from existing candidates in PeopleForce.

- You can choose and add only one candidate at a time if you know the candidate's name.

4. Search talent pool: You can add all existing candidates in the system in bulk.

5. PeopleForce Prospector plugin:

- Install the PeopleForce Prospector plugin for Chrome.

- Use it to add candidates from LinkedIn, job websites, and other sources.

- The plugin parses candidate information, allowing seamless addition to the desired vacancy with automatic information filling.

Export vacancy candidates data

You can export all vacancy candidates data in Excel and CSV formats by clicking the three dots icon. The file will contain the list of all candidates on a certain vacancy with information about candidates full name, email, number, desired salary, links, etc.

🪄 Tip: Filter the data to export specific information. For example, you can filter and export data for all candidates who have accepted GDPR consent.

Change the status of the vacancy

After the vacancy is filled, change the status of the vacancy to Closed. All participants in the hiring process will receive notification on their email, that the vacancy status was changed to Closed.


Guide how to grand permissions to the Recruit module, see Set up roles and permissions.

Guide how to create a custom role for a recruiter ans assign it to an employee, see Create a custom role for Recruiter.

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