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Manage hiring plan across the company
Manage hiring plan across the company

Learn how to oversee all vacancy requests across the company

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The hiring plan is populated with vacancies requested by your colleagues through the Form functionality. Each vacancy request and its respective status are listed here.

As an administrator, you have several vital functions:

  • Access the Hiring plan tab: Track all vacancy requests with information about their status at the company level.

  • Utilize filters: The Hiring plan tab has filters for monitoring vacancy requests by status, department, division, and more.

  • Export reports: Export vacancy request data in .xlsx or .csv format for further analysis and record-keeping.

  • Manage permissions: Through the Roles and Permissions settings, grant other employees, such as managers, access to manage the hiring plan.

  • Submit a vacancy request: Submit a vacancy request directly from the Hiring plan tab.

Hiring plan tab overview

In the Hiring Plan tab, administrators can oversee all vacancy requests at the company level, along with details on each request, such as position, status, department, and the creator of the request.

Request statuses

The request statuses include Pending, Open, Approved, Rejected, Withdrawn, and Filled, with the latter being the final status:

  • Pending: Awaiting review or approval.

  • Open: Currently in the review and consideration phase.

  • Approved: The vacancy request has received approval.

  • Rejected: The vacancy request has been declined.

  • Withdrawn: Applicant has withdrawn their vacancy request. Withdrawn requests can be reopened.

  • Filled: Final status indicating the required number of candidates for the vacancy have been hired.

For the vacancy request to reach the Filled status, hiring the specified number of candidates mentioned when submitting the request is vital. This involves advancing them through the stages labeled as "Hired" in the vacancies section, as defined in the "Pipeline" settings.

Filter the data

In the Hiring plan section, administrators can view, search, and filter all created and submitted requests by request status, department, location, or division.

Manage vacancy requests

Vacancy requests have different options based on their status:

  • Pending: Can be edited, withdrawn, or deleted.

  • Approved: Can be withdrawn, deleted, or converted into a vacancy.

  • Open: Can be withdrawn, deleted, or associated vacancy can be viewed.

  • Rejected: Can be deleted.

  • Filled: Can be deleted, or associated vacancy can be viewed.

Converting approved request to vacancy

Once approved, administrators can easily convert the request into a vacancy. All entered data is automatically transferred to the corresponding fields in the vacancy form.

Vacancy requests export

All requests can be exported in Excel or CSV format. When you export vacancy requests, the export will include all information from the table, including the number of positions for each vacancy and the number of hired applicants.

🪄 Tip: Use filters to export vacancy request data by a particular department or status.

Configuring the access rights

Administrators can customize access rights to the different functions of the Recruit module. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the settings and locate the Roles and permissions section.

  2. Select the role you want to customize and click on it.

  3. In the role editing window, scroll down to the Recruit section.

  4. Enable the specific rights and permissions you want to grant to this role within the Recruit module.

  5. Once you've configured the access rights, save the settings.

After saving the settings, users with the corresponding role can perform specific actions across your company.

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