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Submit a vacancy request

Learn how the manager can submit a vacancy request

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As a company grows, workloads often increase. Hiring new employees helps distribute tasks, preventing burnout among existing staff.

Sometimes, specific skills are required that current team members may not possess. Bringing in new talent with the right expertise can fill these gaps

When team members depart, promptly filling their positions is crucial to maintain continuity and team efficiency.

In these situations, managers can create and submit vacancy requests to address these needs effectively.

Creating a vacancy request

  1. Navigate to the side menu labeled "Me" and select "Forms."

  2. To initiate a new vacancy request, click on the "Request a vacancy" button.

  3. Choose the appropriate form.

  4. Once selected, a new window will open containing standard fields.

  5. Complete all mandatory fields including position, department, type of employment, location, desired candidate release date, number of open positions, and job description.

  6. After filling in the details, save the request.

Managing the submitted form

  • Your submitted form will be visible in the "Submitted by me" tab.

  • You have the capability to edit, print, and delete the submitted form as necessary.

  • If required, you can also withdraw the form before it's approved.

Monitoring the approvers

  • You have visibility into the approvers of the form.

  • Approvers will be displayed as they are configured in the job request form.

Tracking vacancy request status

  • The document status will be updated to "Pending," "Rejected" or "Approved" based on the approver's action.

  • The status will be visible in the vacancy request form.

After the vacancy request is approved by all approvers, it can be converted into vacancy by the admin or recruiter.

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