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In this collection, you will find instructions on managing a candidate tracking system that helps staff and recruiters find top talent faster.

19 articles
Manage all company vacanciesLearn how to manage company vacancies on the company level
Manage company candidatesLearn how to manage candidates on the company level
Manage candidates profilesLearn how to manage candidates profiles on the company level
Manage hiring plan across the companyLearn how to oversee all vacancy requests across the company

This collection provides instructions on the self-implementation of the Recruit module, guiding you through the setup process before you start using all its functions.

Import the candidates to the systemA quick manual on how to import candidates into the system.
Integration with DjinniIntegrate your Djinni account with PeopleForce
Set up your career siteDiscover how to customize your career site to meet your company's unique requirements
Add vacancy and candidate fieldsLearn how to add additional vacancy and candidate fields
Create a recruitment pipeline for your recruitment processDiscover how to create a recruitment pipeline to meet your company's unique requirements
Integrate your PeopleForce account with job sites, and HeadhunterLearn how to integrate your PeopleForce account with job sites
Create scorecards for interviewsLearn how to create a scorecard for an interview with a candidate
Create email templatesLearn how to create email templates to automate the recruiting proces
Create an interview invitation templateLearn how to create interview invitation templates to automate the recruiting process
Create candidate sourcesLearn how to add a source of candidates and track the most effective ones
Create and set up a vacancy form
Create disqualify reasons for candidates
Set up roles and permissionsLearn hoe to set up the roles and permissions for Recruit module
Create a custom role for RecruiterFind out how to create and configure a custom role of a Recruiter for your company
Use custom fields on career siteLearn how to create custom fields for your career site to receive applications from candidates who meet all the job requirements