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How to create a vacancy request?
How to create a vacancy request?

Learn how to create a vacancy request

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Request forms are a functionality that makes HR routines more flexible and gives HR managers an auxiliary resource for communicating in processes and approving any kind of request from employees and managers.

Request Forms can be changed, setting up access for different departments and locations, selecting who can see and send requests.

Creating Forms

Forms are created in Settings → block Core → section Forms. In the upper right corner, you will need to click on the "Add" button.

Below, you can see an example of a completed vacancy form:

Creating a request

For an employee to be able to create a request for a job, he must have access to such actions. You need to go to the side menu "My activities" → "Request forms".

When you click on the "New Form" button, a list of available forms appears. When you select a form, a new window opens with standard fields.

Fill in all required fields: position, department, type of employment, location, desired candidate release date, number of open positions, and job description. After that, save the request.

Hiring plan

Don't see this section on your account? You probably do not have access to this section. Contact your account administrator to set up access to this block.

In the Hiring Plan section, you can see all created and sent requests by employees who have the appropriate access. It is also possible to search by position name and filter by request status.

Vacancy request approval

After saving, the request will be awaiting confirmation from the responsible people we specified in the template. A letter will be sent to the confirming persons in the mail for review.

After opening the email, click on "View Request" in the email. Or you can click on the link through the notifications in the system (in the upper right corner there is a bell🔔).

If you have Slack bot integration enabled, the approval request will go to it. Thus, you will be able to receive notifications directly to the bot and confirm or deny the request from the bot, as well as follow the link and review the request in the system.

Note that the creator of the application can cancel it before it has been approved/rejected.

An approved request can easily be turned into a vacancy. The data previously entered to the request will automatically be transferred to the identical fields in the vacancy.

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