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Approve the vacancy request
Approve the vacancy request

Learn how you can approve the vacancy request

Updated over a week ago

In some cases managers can be assigned to be approvers for vacancy requests.


When the form is submitted, approvers get notification:

  • Email notification: An email with a link to PeopleForce will be sent to the approver.

  • Task creation: A task with a View request button will be created in the approver’s task list.

  • Dashboard notification: A notification will appear on the approver’s notification dashboard.

Submit or reject the vacancy

To submit or reject a vacancy request:

1. Navigate to the To-do's widget and click on the View request button. This action will take you to the Vacancy request form.

2. Review all details of the vacancy request thoroughly.

3. Make your decision by clicking either "Approve" or "Reject" based on your assessment of the request.

After the vacancy request is approved by all approvers, it can be converted into vacancy by the admin or recruiter.

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