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Adding and using candidate sources
Adding and using candidate sources

Learn how to add a source of candidates and track the most effective ones

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Candidate sources are a valuable feature that allows you to track and categorize candidates based on the channels through which they were added. Here's how you can add and utilize candidate sources effectively:

Add sources in system settings:

  1. Access the Settings section in the system.

  2. In the Recruit section find Sources, and click on it.

  3. Use the Add button to enter the details of each candidate source, such as the name and description.

  4. Save the added sources.

Specifying candidate sources:

- Navigate to the Recruitment -> Candidates.

- Select the desired candidate from the list.

- Locate the Source field and click on the pencil icon.

- Specify or edit the candidate's source from the available options or add a new source if needed.

- Save the changes.

Filtering Candidates by Source:

- In the Recruitment -> Candidates page, click on the ''Filter'' option.

- In the open pane, click on Add Filter to reveal the filtering options.

- Select the Source option from the list.

- Choose the specific candidate source you want to filter by.

- Apply the filter to display the candidates associated with that source.

Generating reports:

- To view a report by candidate sources, access the Reports section in the system.

- Look for the Recruit subsection.

- Locate the Candidates by source report option.

- Configure the report criteria, such as the date range, vacancies, and specific sources.

- Generate the report to view insights and metrics related to candidate sources.

By effectively utilizing candidate sources, you can track the effectiveness of different recruitment channels, identify the most successful sources, and optimize your hiring strategies accordingly.

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