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Manage feedback

This guide explains how managers can request feedback about direct reports and monitor them in the system

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As a manager, you can get an overview of your subordinates' performance, such as during the probation period, before conducting a 1:1 with an employee. You'll have all the feedback about your team member in one place, allowing you to use it for a productive 1:1 meeting.

Request feedback about your direct report

To request feedback, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Quick add button -> Feedback.

2. In the pop-up window, select the Request feedback tab.

3. Choose the employee you want to ask for feedback.

4. Choose your direct report from the list the feedback will be about.

5. Choose the visibility option:

  • Private: Feedback will be seen only by the employee it is about.

  • Private and manager: Feedback will be seen by both the employee and their manager.

  • Manager: Feedback will be seen only by the manager of the employee.

6. Hit the Request feedback button.

Direct reports feedback for managers

Managers can access all feedback regarding their direct reports in the Direct reports feedback tab in the Me section:

  • All: Includes all feedback about direct reports, both received and pending requests.

  • Pending requests: Feedback requests that are awaiting responses.

Feedback notifications for managers

If feedback requested by a manager about a direct report is given, the manager will receive a notification in the notification bar.

Additional resources

For a guide on how manage Feedback on the company level as an administrator, see Manage feedback on the company level.

For a guide on how to give or request a Feedback as an employee, see Give and request feedback.

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